This site is devoted to understanding the artistic and creative fabric of society and development.

Art + Urban Development and EcologyArtcology

The purpose here is to research and share trends in Urban Development through an international artistic lens, as well to highlight creative projects and producers. Urbiana is an organization which tries to understand the relationship between the urban atmosphere and the Arts. Research questions consider how art influences society and vise versa. Urban Development and Planning has become a broad  field and this site is meant to discuss cultural programming and analysis as a subcategory,

this is Artcology.
Themes found concern:

Globalization, art and policy management, urbanization, creative urban development, art and society, contemporary soical-cultural issues, and creative producing.




About Me

I am a research graduate at Utrecht University.

My training includes ethnographic methodology and interdisciplinary researching.

My background ranges in the fields of
Fine Art
Art History
Theories of Art and Society


I am Adam Rakestraw.

Artist, Writer, and Creative Producer currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Find me here.